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Training / workshop



3. MatCalc workshop and user meeting

This workshop and user meeting will be organized for the first time and it is aimed at bringing together MatCalc users for discussion of problems and exchange of ideas. During the two days, experienced MatCalc trainers are available to provide tips and tricks as well as worked examples. The participants are asked to provide short presentations of their experience / solutions / problems, which will serve as starting points for deeper discussion. This workshop is particularly valuable for users with a certain degree of experinece, since the problems discussed will require basic skills in the use of the software as well as understanding of problems in thermodynamics and kinetics.


The next workshop will take place on December 12-13, 2011, and it is open to every MatCalc user interested in improving his skills and sharing his experience. For more information, please contact Piotr.




Thermodynamic and kinetic simulations with MatCalc

Matcalc is a complex software, and thermodynamics and kinetics are complex topics. Consequently, there is a million possibilities to make things wrong. Since we know about this problem, we have started to offer training on the MatCalc software and courses on basic thermodynamics and kinetics as related to problems which can be solved with MatCalc. The next training course will take place in August, 9-12, 2011. The training course is part of the Continued Education Center programme of Vienna University of Technology. The registration form is available on this web site.




Previous courses:


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Training 2010


- Welcome

- Introduction in MatCalc: GUI and first steps

- Theory: thermodynamic equilibrium, driving forces, databases, ...

- Practical training: How to create a workspace, simple equilibrium calculations, stepped calculations ...

- Practical training: Graphical representation of results, data export, ...




- Scheil-Gulliver type calculations (theory and practice)

- T0- temperature (theory and practice)

- Using scripts in MatCalc (examples)

- Theory: Phase transformation and precipitation: Comparison of popular models (KJMA, parabolic growth, DICTRA, ...)

- Practice: How to set up precipitation kinetics simulations

- Theory: Introduction to the SFFK Model



- Theory: Nucleation theory and implementation into MatCalc

- Practice: Changing nucleation conditions: Ortho- / paraequilibrium nucleus composition, nucleation sites, etc.

- Theory: Treatment of interfacial energies.

- Theory and practice: Grain boundary precipitation versus random distribution: the importance of the correct diffusion field geometry

- Examples




- Calculation of TTP-diagrams (theory and example)

- Discussion / analysis of practical examples of users





In case of any questions, or if you want to register for the course, simply send an email to Ernst.




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