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Tutorial files

Guidlines how to use MatCalc (GUI, Scripts,...). Demonstrates the most frequently used features of MatCalc.


T1 - Introduction to the MatCalc graphical user interface (GUI)


T2 - Calculating a single equilibrium


T3 - Performing a stepped equilibrium calculation


T4 - Graphical presentation and export of results (1)


T5 - MatCalc built-in variables; graphical output (2)


T6 - Introduction to user-defined functions


T7 - Calculating transformation temperatures and phase boundaries


T8 - Calculating a phase diagram in a binary system


T9 - Calculating a pseudobinary phase diagram


T10 - T0- temperature in Fe-Cr-C


T11 - Simulation of solidification of 0.7C 3Mn steel


T12 - Using the MatCalc console


T13 - Introduction to scripting (1: Equilibrium calculations)


T14 - Introduction to precipitation calculations


T15 - Effect of microstructure and conditions (Part 1)


T16 - Effect of microstructure and conditions (Part 2 - simultaneous precipitation)


T17 - Multi-stage heat treatment


T18 - TTP (time-temperature-precipitation) diagrams



(download tutorial files: here ...)


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