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MatCalc Application

In this area several examples of the application of the MatCalc software are shown.



A4: Welding of 9% Cr steel

(23.4.2008, MatCalc 5.23)

Heat treatment and welding of 9-12% Cr steel. This complex treatment uses the new heat treatment functionality of version 5.22. I. Holzer The great Ivan H.

A3: Tool steel heat treatment

(11.6.2007, MatCalc 5.20)

Heat treatment simulation of a complex tool steel B. Sonderegger

A2: Thermodynamic data for cluster / KMC simulations

(10.2.2007, MatCalc 5.13)

Generation of input data (Gibbs energies) for atomistic simulation of precipitate nucleation in FeCrC alloy. J. Zenisek

A1: CB8 heat treatment

(1.2.2005, MatCalc 5.00)

Complete heat treatment of a 9-12% Cr steel including austenitization, quality heat treatment and service for 100.000 hours. J. Rajek
I. Holzer
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